A walk to the park with the Rogers family – Folsom family photography

In my time dealing with chronic pain and injury, I have worked with three PCPs, two osteopaths, two massage therapists, an acupuncturist, two chiropractors, two orthopedic specialists, a neurologist, and no fewer than ten physical therapists.All had their own idea of what my body could and needed to do to find relief. And yet none of them have come close to providing the kind of relief that I find when I regularly attend a pilates or barre class at The Pilates Twist in Folsom, with owner, Hilary.

Hilary is an incredibly gifted person. She can casually watch 8 people arrive to her class, observe their gait and their posture, and then immediately tailor a routine that synchronizes with the physical needs of each person. When you’re in-class with Hilary, she doesn’t just go through the motions of teaching you en-masse, she’s paying attention to every single, unique body in the room and providing gentle guidance and adjustments specific to you, while challenging you and providing a great workout. I always leave her class feeling 3 inches taller and more physically free than when I went in. I also manage to get sore muscles without sparking pain cycles or injury, which is what happens with almost every other kind of workout I participate in.

So, when she asked me to capture her family as a gift to her father, I jumped at the chance.

We decided to keep it simple (which I find is generally the hallmark of all great sessions) and walk the trails behind her house to the local park with her husband, son, and two dogs. As the sun set into a beautiful, pink-hued sunset, we ran around the playground and enjoyed just the fun and easy togetherness of a regular family evening.

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Let’s have some fun!

I love photographing families in Winter and Spring. It’s much easier to be fun and relaxed when it’s not 100 degrees. Get in touch to learn about my new Shortie sessions, which include a 45 minute session and all the digital images for a budget-friendly price.


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