The Adams / Brandt families – Folsom extended family session

Any time I get to spend with the Brandt family, I jump at the chance. They’re warm, open, playful, funny, and generous. So, when I had the opportunity to capture some of mom, Amber’s, extended family last month, I forgot I was supposed to be taking the month off and said YES!

I had met Amber’s parents a couple of times before but this was the first time I got to hang with her brother and his beautiful family. We met up at a small park in Folsom, did some of the “everyone get in the photo and smile” shots but then indulged my need for something more playful by playing games like red-light-green-light, a family chicken-dance, a group march, and finally some time on the swings. I know the group shots are what they came for,  but I hope that in years to come they’ll be just as thankful for the candid photos of them having fun and being playful together.

I’ll admit that I generally am not a fan of shooting extended family sessions because it often turns into an entire session of wedding group shots that ends up being not a lot of fun for everyone. But since I know and have worked with the Brandt family many times, and knew they knew what to expect from me and how I roll in my sessions, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like that painful experience. If you’d love to get your extended family together and want something more than just the group shots, some memories of you laughing and playing and having fun together, then absolutely call me. I’m down!

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