Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento – match portraits

I was so thrilled when the Sacramento chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters reached-out to me to photograph some of their matches this summer. I have been doing work with Make-A-Wish for several years and find working with non-profits to be extremely fulfilling and fun work. Seeing how your images are used to help raise money and encourage engagement feels damn good in a world where digital images are often passed quietly into the night between you and your clients, leaving you with no idea how or where you work is used, let alone appreciated.

I photographed a number of “matches” (Big + Little) over two separate days in Land Park this July and August and loved getting to know a little more about them. Some had been matched for weeks and some for months but the connection between them – the trust, the joy – was real and genuine. It was a great reminder that the best gift we can give our children – and I don’t just mean the ones we’re blood-related to – is our time and attention.

Scroll down to see some of the matches and, at the end, some materials that BBBS has already sent me, showing how some of my images will be used. So cool!

If you know of a nonprofit that could benefit from some professional photographs as part of their marketing and fundraising efforts (portraits like these or documenting their work), I offer a 50% discount on my hourly rate. Please connect us. I would love to help them!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento nonprofit photos Memories by Michelle

cBig Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento nonprofit photos Memories by Michelle


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