The Fongs – Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

The Fongs, simply put, are family. Watching these kids grow for the last 13 years has been magical. Photographing that for the last 10 has been an honor.

If you would like to follow their journey, you can see their sessions from 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013  by clicking on the years.

Which is your favorite? Mine is the 2014 session. I loved that one because it was so playful. I also enjoyed my latte at the end 😉 Not that I don’t like this year’s session. I particularly love how Noelle is part-teenager, part-kid still and how that comes through in these photos, some mature and sophisticated and then silly faces with her brother and the love for her little Poo Bear.

Here are the 2019 Fongs…

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Your turn?

I still have a few weekend spots open before Christmas. If you’re looking for some updated family photos for Holiday cards or gifts, Contact Me Here.


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The family that plays together…

Happy Fall!

Although the weather hasn’t quite caught on YET, it’s my favorite time of year: time for Fall Family Photos. And it’s time to get a bookin’, folks!

I have so much fun with my families every year, exploring trails, playing in parks, making up games to keep everyone entertained, and generally just Fall-Frolickin’. I’d love for you to come play with me this year!

I have two packages available for 2018


A shorter session (30-45 mins) for immediate family members only, great for a family that wants their annual family photo for Holiday cards. This comes with the usual works of a gallery of the best images (around 25), artistically edited, plus you get to pick your favorite 5 to download as high-resolution digital files, perfect for Christmas gifts, cards, and that framed photo on your family photo wall.

Full-Length Session

Memories by Michelle Fall Family Photos

Yep, they’re still available and give you more time to capture the magic that is your family unit. Full-Length Sessions are recommended for larger families and families with smaller children. Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive to have smaller kids in a session for longer but the time can be used to give them a break and allow them to play between shots (also a great opportunity for candids) vs being on such a time crunch and having the pressure on for them to “perform” in a shorter period of time.

Full-Length sessions come with a gallery of 75 artistically edited images and you get to download ’em all! Which means no agonizing over which one to pick, or having to make the difficult choice between two of your absolute favorites.

What is a session with me like?

I like to promote my more “documentary” side a lot and yes, I still love a good “fly on the wall” session, but Fall Family Photos tend to be different.

First of all we move around a lot both from place to place and in whatever spot we pick to hang out in for a while.

Although I am setting you up for that beautiful family pic here and there, I’m also not “posing” your kids, so they have the freedom to be themselves, play, explore, and let off some steam. I find this makes everyone generally more relaxed and results in much more fun photos that represent the spirit of your family much better than any perfectly-composed shot might.

I’ll also help you out with some games that you can play together to get you interacting vs. staring at the camera ALL the time, which can often result in that deer-in-the-headlights look.

The result is that you’ll get a wide variety of images of your family at play, your kids being kids alone and together, and yes the “family photo” that goes on the Christmas card.

And I don’t forget you, moms and dads…

I love to capture a couple of photos of you guys together, enjoying a moment while the kids play. All of the below photos were taken during a family session.


All that’s left to say is… Book now!

There are limited spots left on my calendar already. October especially is very limited.

For pricing and more information, please click on one of the button links below, depending on what kind of session you’re looking for.

Full Length Session Shorties





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JR + Wendla – Granite Bay Golf Club Wedding

JR and Wendla are married! You may remember them from their beautiful winter engagement session, their laughter and kisses often combined. These two clearly make one another laugh and their wedding day at Granite Bay Golf Club was no exception. A little nervous before their first look, her stomach a little unsettled as she grabbed a snack before the festivities, Wendla relaxed and came alive as soon as JR tapped her on the shoulder. From thereon out this day ran so smoothly and joyfully, not a moment of it felt like work. From our golf-cart adventures through the edges of the golf course, to dancing with the many children who loved the spotlight, this was a beautiful, happy day for two people who very much deserved it.

Big props go to Kelle Collier, the on-day coordinator at Granite Bay Golf Club. I have worked with many site-based wedding coordinators but none have ever been as organized, caring, professional, and fun as Kelle. She’s working with 60 couples this year and this is her (I think she said) 14th year with the club, so there’s no doubt she knows her job inside and out, possibly with her eyes closed. She was the grease that oiled every part of the wedding day machinery. I hope I get to work with her again.

JR and Wendla left the very next day for their honeymoon to Hawaii. I know they’re back now and eager to see their photos. Here is a teaser while their gallery is finished…

Assistant: Vickie  Horvath | DJ: Chris Santos from True Note Media | Flowers: Peggy Bimbi (Wendla’s talented Aunt)


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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento – match portraits

I was so thrilled when the Sacramento chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters reached-out to me to photograph some of their matches this summer. I have been doing work with Make-A-Wish for several years and find working with non-profits to be extremely fulfilling and fun work. Seeing how your images are used to help raise money and encourage engagement feels damn good in a world where digital images are often passed quietly into the night between you and your clients, leaving you with no idea how or where you work is used, let alone appreciated.

I photographed a number of “matches” (Big + Little) over two separate days in Land Park this July and August and loved getting to know a little more about them. Some had been matched for weeks and some for months but the connection between them – the trust, the joy – was real and genuine. It was a great reminder that the best gift we can give our children – and I don’t just mean the ones we’re blood-related to – is our time and attention.

Scroll down to see some of the matches and, at the end, some materials that BBBS has already sent me, showing how some of my images will be used. So cool!

If you know of a nonprofit that could benefit from some professional photographs as part of their marketing and fundraising efforts (portraits like these or documenting their work), I offer a 50% discount on my hourly rate. Please connect us. I would love to help them!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento nonprofit photos Memories by Michelle

cBig Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento nonprofit photos Memories by Michelle


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Boost Swim School – Sacramento Commercial Photographer

This past month I’ve been working with a number of non-profits and businesses. A little bit of a change from family and wedding work, which I find is always a great way to fire up the creative juices.

A couple of weekends ago I was working at Boost Swim School’s Folsom and Fair Oaks locations, to capture some images of their students for their website. My daughter has been having weekly swim lessons with Boost for more than 5 years now and we love their instructors. We started off at the Folsom location and moved with our favorite coach, Ryan, to their new Fair Oaks location at Rollingwood Athletic Club, about a year ago. My girl loves to be in the water but can be pretty timid when it comes to flips and dives and we have found their coaches to be incredibly patient and compassionate with these challenges, taking time to get to know her personality and deploy teaching tactics that help her get where she needs to go with a feeling of safety. So much so that we get pretty attached to our coaches. We cried when a previous coach, Taylr, left to go to college. She had been working so hard with my girl on her flips and she stayed in the pool an extra 10 minutes on that final lesson day because she was determined not to leave without a successful flip in the bag.

Simply put, Boost is awesome, it’s year round, it’s well-priced, and I’m thankful for having the opportunity to represent them through these photos.

(And yes, I snuck some in of my girl at the end. Photographer-mom perks!)

If you know of someone who has a business and needs some better/updated photos to showcase their products or services, please connect us! or 916-200-3956

Sacramento Commercial Photographer

Sacramento Commercial Photographer

Sacramento Commercial Photographer




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