The Fongs – Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

The Fongs, simply put, are family. Watching these kids grow for the last 13 years has been magical. Photographing that for the last 10 has been an honor.

If you would like to follow their journey, you can see their sessions from 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013  by clicking on the years.

Which is your favorite? Mine is the 2014 session. I loved that one because it was so playful. I also enjoyed my latte at the end 😉 Not that I don’t like this year’s session. I particularly love how Noelle is part-teenager, part-kid still and how that comes through in these photos, some mature and sophisticated and then silly faces with her brother and the love for her little Poo Bear.

Here are the 2019 Fongs…

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session

Your turn?

I still have a few weekend spots open before Christmas. If you’re looking for some updated family photos for Holiday cards or gifts, Contact Me Here.


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The family that plays together…

Happy Fall!

Although the weather hasn’t quite caught on YET, it’s my favorite time of year: time for Fall Family Photos. And it’s time to get a bookin’, folks!

I have so much fun with my families every year, exploring trails, playing in parks, making up games to keep everyone entertained, and generally just Fall-Frolickin’. I’d love for you to come play with me this year!

I have two packages available for 2018


A shorter session (30-45 mins) for immediate family members only, great for a family that wants their annual family photo for Holiday cards. This comes with the usual works of a gallery of the best images (around 25), artistically edited, plus you get to pick your favorite 5 to download as high-resolution digital files, perfect for Christmas gifts, cards, and that framed photo on your family photo wall.

Full-Length Session

Memories by Michelle Fall Family Photos

Yep, they’re still available and give you more time to capture the magic that is your family unit. Full-Length Sessions are recommended for larger families and families with smaller children. Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive to have smaller kids in a session for longer but the time can be used to give them a break and allow them to play between shots (also a great opportunity for candids) vs being on such a time crunch and having the pressure on for them to “perform” in a shorter period of time.

Full-Length sessions come with a gallery of 75 artistically edited images and you get to download ’em all! Which means no agonizing over which one to pick, or having to make the difficult choice between two of your absolute favorites.

What is a session with me like?

I like to promote my more “documentary” side a lot and yes, I still love a good “fly on the wall” session, but Fall Family Photos tend to be different.

First of all we move around a lot both from place to place and in whatever spot we pick to hang out in for a while.

Although I am setting you up for that beautiful family pic here and there, I’m also not “posing” your kids, so they have the freedom to be themselves, play, explore, and let off some steam. I find this makes everyone generally more relaxed and results in much more fun photos that represent the spirit of your family much better than any perfectly-composed shot might.

I’ll also help you out with some games that you can play together to get you interacting vs. staring at the camera ALL the time, which can often result in that deer-in-the-headlights look.

The result is that you’ll get a wide variety of images of your family at play, your kids being kids alone and together, and yes the “family photo” that goes on the Christmas card.

And I don’t forget you, moms and dads…

I love to capture a couple of photos of you guys together, enjoying a moment while the kids play. All of the below photos were taken during a family session.


All that’s left to say is… Book now!

There are limited spots left on my calendar already. October especially is very limited.

For pricing and more information, please click on one of the button links below, depending on what kind of session you’re looking for.

Full Length Session Shorties





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A walk to the park with the Rogers family – Folsom family photography

In my time dealing with chronic pain and injury, I have worked with three PCPs, two osteopaths, two massage therapists, an acupuncturist, two chiropractors, two orthopedic specialists, a neurologist, and no fewer than ten physical therapists.All had their own idea of what my body could and needed to do to find relief. And yet none of them have come close to providing the kind of relief that I find when I regularly attend a pilates or barre class at The Pilates Twist in Folsom, with owner, Hilary.

Hilary is an incredibly gifted person. She can casually watch 8 people arrive to her class, observe their gait and their posture, and then immediately tailor a routine that synchronizes with the physical needs of each person. When you’re in-class with Hilary, she doesn’t just go through the motions of teaching you en-masse, she’s paying attention to every single, unique body in the room and providing gentle guidance and adjustments specific to you, while challenging you and providing a great workout. I always leave her class feeling 3 inches taller and more physically free than when I went in. I also manage to get sore muscles without sparking pain cycles or injury, which is what happens with almost every other kind of workout I participate in.

So, when she asked me to capture her family as a gift to her father, I jumped at the chance.

We decided to keep it simple (which I find is generally the hallmark of all great sessions) and walk the trails behind her house to the local park with her husband, son, and two dogs. As the sun set into a beautiful, pink-hued sunset, we ran around the playground and enjoyed just the fun and easy togetherness of a regular family evening.

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Folsom Family Photography

Let’s have some fun!

I love photographing families in Winter and Spring. It’s much easier to be fun and relaxed when it’s not 100 degrees. Get in touch to learn about my new Shortie sessions, which include a 45 minute session and all the digital images for a budget-friendly price.


1 Comment

  1. Susan Latham

    You are so talented and captured so many authentic, beautiful, images of our lovely progeny!!
    Thank you!


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The Adams / Brandt families – Folsom extended family session

Any time I get to spend with the Brandt family, I jump at the chance. They’re warm, open, playful, funny, and generous. So, when I had the opportunity to capture some of mom, Amber’s, extended family last month, I forgot I was supposed to be taking the month off and said YES!

I had met Amber’s parents a couple of times before but this was the first time I got to hang with her brother and his beautiful family. We met up at a small park in Folsom, did some of the “everyone get in the photo and smile” shots but then indulged my need for something more playful by playing games like red-light-green-light, a family chicken-dance, a group march, and finally some time on the swings. I know the group shots are what they came for,  but I hope that in years to come they’ll be just as thankful for the candid photos of them having fun and being playful together.

I’ll admit that I generally am not a fan of shooting extended family sessions because it often turns into an entire session of wedding group shots that ends up being not a lot of fun for everyone. But since I know and have worked with the Brandt family many times, and knew they knew what to expect from me and how I roll in my sessions, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like that painful experience. If you’d love to get your extended family together and want something more than just the group shots, some memories of you laughing and playing and having fun together, then absolutely call me. I’m down!


  1. Kristy Paggi

    Fabulous shots of my extended family. Especially like the playful and close ups, and always partial to b&w.

    • Christina Adams

      This was such an awesome experience. We love, love, love the photos. Thank you so much Michelle!


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The Fong Family – Land Park family session

I love capturing the unique spirit of families. I love finding *that thing* that friends and family know about them and seeing that come through in the photos so that people who have never met them before suddenly “get” them in a new way. It not only makes me feel fulfilled in the contemporary moment, the satisfaction that my client has photos that represent the best parts of who they are, but also in the historical moment, thinking about how these images may be found someday by their grandchildren or distant descendants who learn a little more about how they are from seeing these expressions, gestures, and places.

The Fong family have been friends of mine for 14, almost 15 years. It seems almost unbelievable that this is true but it is. They are a family driven by faith and dedication to doing the right and loving thing. They are also goofy and silly and prone to crazy faces and eye rolling and incessant bunny ears. As I was editing these photos, I cried a little because I felt I saw the people I know and love coming through each image and sharing themselves with me. I felt like I captured *that thing*.

Of course, the moment was extra special because these are my friends, my extended family even, but I can’t deny that there is an element of this in every session I capture for a family. I know it’s not “about me”. It’s most definitely about them, my clients, their family, but there’s a reason I picked up a camera instead of a paintbrush or a violin… and this is it.


Now booking 2018

Newborns – Intimate Weddings – Headshots

Get In Touch


  1. The Fongs - Capitol Park Sacramento Family Session - Memories by Michelle Photography - […] you would like to follow their journey, you can see their sessions from 2017 | 2016 | 2015 |…

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The Brandt Family – Folsom lifestyle family session

Oh man, this family. They are like family to me. I photographed them 4 years ago for the first time, just before dad, Bruce, took off on his last deployment to Afghanistan. Then, found myself in the delivery room with Amber, acting as Bruce’s eyes from thousands of miles away, as his second daughter Mia was born. That shared experience somehow created a bond between us that I am so thankful for and that goes so much deeper than photography.

These folks are funny, playful, loving, full of life, energy, and love. Being around them makes me happy. We had a blast, cruising along the Humbug-Willow Creek Trail in Folsom.

Memories by MIchelle Folsom lifestyle family session

Memories by MIchelle Folsom lifestyle family session

Memories by MIchelle Folsom lifestyle family session

Memories by MIchelle Folsom lifestyle family session

Memories by MIchelle Folsom lifestyle family session


Now booking 2018 Newborn Packages

I’m taking a shooting break the month of December to spend more time with family but am looking for families who are expecting a new baby in the new year. I have awesome 3-session packages that capture baby’s first days and milestones as well as all the family love and joy that comes from welcoming a newborn.

Click here to learn more





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