A Day In The Life of the Pattersons

If you’re a parent, you know one totally cliche thing without question: that kids grow up way too fast. You know that phases are fleeting and that yesterday’s cute Fireman outfit is tomorrow’s slam dunk in the front yard. You know that coloring around the kitchen table is all-too-soon met with a turned-up nose and a closed bedroom door, and that little hands and feet, so soft to the touch, eventually become big and dirty and not-so-nice smelling. If you’ve spoken to anyone whose kids have grown, you’ll also know that almost all of the things that we complain about when our kids are little, are problems and moments we yearn for when they walk out the door to college, leaving us in our tidy homes with all the free time we ever wanted to go workout and look cute in jeans and watch our favorite tv show undisturbed.

My daughter is only eight and I remember holding her hand on the way to the first day of kindergarten, purposefully memorizing the way her sweaty little palm felt against mine, small and soft and holding on tight. Now she’ll hold my hand to cross the street only if I ask but will quickly whip it away once we reach the other side. It’s little moments like that and so many more where we feel the pull-and-tug of past and future working through us.

And so a Day In The Life session is a way to freeze all those little tiny things of ordinary today, that seem insignificant or annoying or imperfect right now, to preserve them for those moments when we’re sitting on the couch in a quiet house wishing we could hear tiny feet running down the hallway.

This is a Day In The Life of The Patterson Family. Four children, two busy and tired parents, cats, dogs, and chickens. Sleepy, dark mornings, dance parties on mom and dad’s bed, a park date so mom can take a shower, and a kitchen table that doubles as an art space and a kid sofa. God, I wish I had photos like this of my own childhood.

Sacramento day in the life session

Sacramento day in the life session

Day In Your Life sessions are my favorite sessions to shoot. Everyone has time to relax and forget about the camera. Beautiful, real life doesn’t need fancy outfits or planned activities; it just happens.  Get in touch if you want to learn more.

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