A documentary session is designed to capture you and your family in a natural environment, participating in activities that are already a part of your life and routine. In a documentary session I provide little-to-no direction during the session, blending into the background with my camera and allowing the moments between you and the ones you love to unfold organically and spontaneously.

Yet, this doesn’t mean a documentary session is unplanned. During our pre session consultation, we’ll talk about the kinds of things that your family likes to do together. It can be as simple as creating the perfect Sunday afternoon at home or following you to soccer practice.

For more information on how my sessions roll and if they might be right for you, go to: SESSION TYPES and FAQs

Favorite Documentary Sessions

Bubbles and Cake Fights with the Kerr Family

Day in the Life with the Keane family

The Slovak family welcome their first son, Kaleb