A walk in East Sac with the Rogers Family

I have been photographing the Rogers family since their son, Nicholas, was born 6 years ago. Mom, Sara, and I calculated during our recent session that we have had probably more than 10 photo shoots together since then!

Arriving at their beautiful Craftsman home in East Sacramento, I see my photos on every wall. As a photographer in a mostly-digital world, I can’t tell you how satisfying that is, to see your photos printed and hung, to know that the moments you captured are seen and enjoyed by the family every day. I am definitely a digital file hoarder myself (my eleventy terabytes of storage give me away, so there’s no point in lying) so I get why folks want to know they have that file. But there’s nothing that replaces the images on the wall where you pass by them in the morning, sleep in your eyes, or during the day with a laundry basket cradled in your arms. You can’t get that from a digital image that you have to sit down at a computer and purposefully open and then stare at. Does anyone actually do that?

Our session this January started at their home, where I got to meet Sara’s dad (aka: Grandpa) and spend a little time capturing him with Nicholas. Then Sara, Jeremy, Nicholas, and I all took a walk through their awesome little neighborhood and stopped at some alleys with cool murals and rusted, corrugated metal walls.

I loved the combination of capturing them getting ready to head out the door, some portraits, and some more documentary-style shots of them on their walk and thanks to places like KreAdiv Collective you can get a physical portrait or the digital one.

I talk a lot about how my sessions can be a little bit of everything if you’re willing to play along with me and Sara and Jeremy are a great example of a family who are always willing to do that. The result is that they get their family-together shots, their portraits, but also the moments that otherwise get lost on the cutting room floor, the ones that remind us in 20 years of what it was like to be us at that moment in time.


Family sessions don’t only have to take place in Fall

In fact, Fall can be so hectic with Holidays and all the events from back-to-school through New Year, that scheduling your photo session in the middle of all that craziness is really quite bananas when you think about it. Click here to schedule your family’s session at any time.

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