The family that plays together…

Happy Fall!

Although the weather hasn’t quite caught on YET, it’s my favorite time of year: time for Fall Family Photos. And it’s time to get a bookin’, folks!

I have so much fun with my families every year, exploring trails, playing in parks, making up games to keep everyone entertained, and generally just Fall-Frolickin’. I’d love for you to come play with me this year!

I have two packages available for 2018


A shorter session (30-45 mins) for immediate family members only, great for a family that wants their annual family photo for Holiday cards. This comes with the usual works of a gallery of the best images (around 25), artistically edited, plus you get to pick your favorite 5 to download as high-resolution digital files, perfect for Christmas gifts, cards, and that framed photo on your family photo wall.

Full-Length Session

Memories by Michelle Fall Family Photos

Yep, they’re still available and give you more time to capture the magic that is your family unit. Full-Length Sessions are recommended for larger families and families with smaller children. Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive to have smaller kids in a session for longer but the time can be used to give them a break and allow them to play between shots (also a great opportunity for candids) vs being on such a time crunch and having the pressure on for them to “perform” in a shorter period of time.

Full-Length sessions come with a gallery of 75 artistically edited images and you get to download ’em all! Which means no agonizing over which one to pick, or having to make the difficult choice between two of your absolute favorites.

What is a session with me like?

I like to promote my more “documentary” side a lot and yes, I still love a good “fly on the wall” session, but Fall Family Photos tend to be different.

First of all we move around a lot both from place to place and in whatever spot we pick to hang out in for a while.

Although I am setting you up for that beautiful family pic here and there, I’m also not “posing” your kids, so they have the freedom to be themselves, play, explore, and let off some steam. I find this makes everyone generally more relaxed and results in much more fun photos that represent the spirit of your family much better than any perfectly-composed shot might.

I’ll also help you out with some games that you can play together to get you interacting vs. staring at the camera ALL the time, which can often result in that deer-in-the-headlights look.

The result is that you’ll get a wide variety of images of your family at play, your kids being kids alone and together, and yes the “family photo” that goes on the Christmas card.

And I don’t forget you, moms and dads…

I love to capture a couple of photos of you guys together, enjoying a moment while the kids play. All of the below photos were taken during a family session.


All that’s left to say is… Book now!

There are limited spots left on my calendar already. October especially is very limited.

For pricing and more information, please click on one of the button links below, depending on what kind of session you’re looking for.

Full Length Session Shorties




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