Fall fun with the Rogers – Carmichael family session

I have photographed the Rogers family every year now since their son, Nicholas, was born. The fun part of this annual ritual is seeing how much Nicholas has changed and how differently he responds to the camera.

When he was a toddler, it was very much about keeping him happy and engaged for the duration of the shoot. Then we moved to chasing him around as he defiantly tried to avoid the annoying camera lady. There was even this one time he crawled between a fence and into the path of an oncoming car in order to avoid having his photo taken. Good times. But then there were also water gun fights in the backyard and ice-cream dates with mom at the local creamery, leaf throwing fun with cousins in the park, and zoo adventures with grandma and grandpa. Every year, Nicholas keeps me on my toes while slaying me with his chubby little cheeks.

This year? He was ALLLLL about the camera. Cheesy-grin at-the-ready, he planned some of my shots, and hammed-it-up for me on every occasion. And then there was the time his mom told him that there might be a Saber Tooth Tiger on the trails at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. We spent the second half of our session searching fruitlessly for the tiger (thank goodness), looking behind trees, around corners, and in deep brush. The hunt was fun, however, and I hear that Nicholas wants to go back to see if he can catch that sneaky tiger unawares.

Love these folks…


Want to hunt some Saber Tooth Tigers with me?

I’m all booked-up for Fall sessions, sadly. But I’m booking for 2018. If Fall was too busy to fit your family session in, or if you have a milestone birthday or anniversary coming up, let’s chat about a cozy winter session. I’m thinking hot chocolate with whipped cream, hats and scarves and blankets, and maybe even some snow. Get in touch if you’re interested in summa that.


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