I think the experience of taking pictures with your family should be as awesome as the photos you get out of it. In fact, my experience has always been that the more fun you’re having in a photo session, the better your photos will be.

I want you to not only look at the images on your wall in 30 years time and think to yourself “That’s a good photo” but also “That was a fantastic day!” I want your photos to remind you of love and laughter and the little things about the people you love that make you love them. Yes, even the little things that drive you nuts sometimes.

If you’ve ever sat around the table with grandma and grandpa while they recount with a good humor and a sparkle in their eye, the little anecdotes of a long life – often just mundane things that over time came to have special meaning – then you’ll get close to understanding what I’m trying to create in every session with you.

Session Ideas

Day In The Life of the Pattersons

Park playdate with the Birdsells

Welcome Home Baby Matthew