The Fong Family – Land Park family session

I love capturing the unique spirit of families. I love finding *that thing* that friends and family know about them and seeing that come through in the photos so that people who have never met them before suddenly “get” them in a new way. It not only makes me feel fulfilled in the contemporary moment, the satisfaction that my client has photos that represent the best parts of who they are, but also in the historical moment, thinking about how these images may be found someday by their grandchildren or distant descendants who learn a little more about how they are from seeing these expressions, gestures, and places.

The Fong family have been friends of mine for 14, almost 15 years. It seems almost unbelievable that this is true but it is. They are a family driven by faith and dedication to doing the right and loving thing. They are also goofy and silly and prone to crazy faces and eye rolling and incessant bunny ears. As I was editing these photos, I cried a little because I felt I saw the people I know and love coming through each image and sharing themselves with me. I felt like I captured *that thing*.

Of course, the moment was extra special because these are my friends, my extended family even, but I can’t deny that there is an element of this in every session I capture for a family. I know it’s not “about me”. It’s most definitely about them, my clients, their family, but there’s a reason I picked up a camera instead of a paintbrush or a violin… and this is it.


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