Session Types

Every session is designed to get to the heart of your family, your quirks, connections, and the little things that make you who you are. And so, unless you already have a specific vision for what you would like to capture, your session is created in collaboration with you after our pre-session consultation.

The key here is in collaboration with you. This is your session and I want it to not only represent you but to be fun for you and your family members. Although all my sessions are casual and candid in nature, I’m not here to impose any particular vision on you.

When we chat, we decide on one of two approaches (or maybe even a combination!)

Memories by Michelle family documentary sessions

A documentary session is designed to capture you and your family in a natural environment, participating in activities that are already a part of your life and routine. In a documentary session I provide little-to-no direction during the session, blending into the background with my camera and allowing the moments between you and the ones you love to unfold organically and spontaneously.

Yet, this doesn’t mean a documentary session is unplanned. During our pre session consultation, we’ll talk about the kinds of things that your family likes to do together. It can be as simple as creating the perfect Sunday afternoon at home or following you to soccer practice.

My favorite documentary sessions:

The Freire Boys – chasing brothers around a GoKart track

The Keane Family – a day-in-the-life (“Our Story”) Session

The Slovak Family – welcoming a new baby boy into this family of 5


Documentary sessions are perfect for:

  • Day-In-The-Life Sessions*
  • Welcoming home new babies
  • Capturing favorite hobbies or activities of one or all family members
  • Day trips and vacations (camping, RV’ing, a day at the lake etc…)
  • Any session involving very small children or babies where containing them or worrying about the elements is a factor
Memories by Michelle family lifestyle sessions

If you want something a little more directed, my Playful Lifestyle sessions are a great option. We find a location where there is room to play and have fun – your backyard or the park are perfect – and I become the fun-master, providing your family with games and activities to participate in together. Put down the phone, let go of whatever was stressing you out that morning and allow me to create a safe space for you and your family to play together for a couple of hours.

My favorite Playful Lifestyle sessions:

The Warriners’ anniversary session

The Kachurs cruising the parkway

Fun and games with the Lucias

Playful Lifestyle sessions are perfect for:


  • The annual family photo (that won’t look like everyone else’s)
  • Celebrating Seniors and college graduates
  • Anniversary sessions for moms and dads who need to reconnect with the love at the heart of their family