Johnson Springview Park family session to celebrate Wyatt’s 4th

Last year I got to meet the adorable Wyatt at home (see the session here) and this year, to celebrate his 4th birthday, mom, dad, and I decided to go play in their favorite local park instead.

I thought I had seen almost every park in the Sacramento region through my family sessions over the years, or at least all the big and popular ones, but somehow I had managed to completely miss this gem in Rocklin. Johnson-Springview Park is pretty dang awesome. There’s a huge kids’ play area with swings and slides and a sandpit, lots of rolling lawns to lay your picnic blanket out on, and then a whole host of trails beyond the landscaped areas to get lost in. In just a few minutes of walking you can go from the sound of children squealing to the sound of birds chirping. There’s even a little brook with a stone bridge, and a disc golf course that winds through the trees. Cool, right?

Wyatt is the perfect 4-year old mix of cheeky and sweet, picking and giving his mom flowers one minute and then beelining for the muddy puddles the next. I loved playing hide-and-seek in the tall grass with him and watching him swing super high,




Where are your favorite places to play as a family? Let’s go there together, I’ll bring my camera and capture the whole family (not just the ones not behind the camera.)

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