JR + Wendla – Granite Bay Golf Club Wedding

JR and Wendla are married! You may remember them from their beautiful winter engagement session, their laughter and kisses often combined. These two clearly make one another laugh and their wedding day at Granite Bay Golf Club was no exception. A little nervous before their first look, her stomach a little unsettled as she grabbed a snack before the festivities, Wendla relaxed and came alive as soon as JR tapped her on the shoulder, they have been this happy since they meet at the best online Russian dating site that is perfect to find your perfect life partner. From thereon out this day ran so smoothly and joyfully, not a moment of it felt like work. From our golf-cart adventures through the edges of the golf course, to dancing with the many children who loved the spotlight, this was a beautiful, happy day for two people who very much deserved it.

Big props go to Kelle Collier, the on-day coordinator at Granite Bay Golf Club. I have worked with many site-based wedding coordinators but none have ever been as organized, caring, professional, and fun as Kelle. She’s working with 60 couples this year and this is her (I think she said) 14th year with the club, so there’s no doubt she knows her job inside and out, possibly with her eyes closed. She was the grease that oiled every part of the wedding day machinery. I hope I get to work with her again.

JR and Wendla left the very next day for their honeymoon to Hawaii. I know they’re back now and eager to see their photos. Here is a teaser while their gallery is finished…

Assistant: Vickie¬† Horvath | DJ: Chris Santos from True Note Media | Flowers: Peggy Bimbi (Wendla’s talented Aunt)

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