Karla + Eric – La Provence Wedding, Roseville

The weather forecast said rain. The skies most definitely said rain. The drops on my windshield on the short drive out to Roseville definitely said rain.  But when the time rolled around for Karla and Eric to stand on the other side of my camera, the clouds parted and the sun even peeked out. I guess you could say it was meant to be.

And it felt like that all afternoon and into the night, listening to stories about how Karla and Eric met, and how much their friends and family loved their new member, and spending time with two people who seem not only at peace with one another but also with themselves. They were the calm in the storm of their own day, present and joyful, so wonderful to work with and to spend the day with. When, as their guests were tucking into La Provence’s delicious dinners, I stepped outside to be greeted by the most magnificent sunset, made more intense by the storm that had preceded it; it seemed fitting somehow. Not all our stories unfold the way we expect them to but, eventually, we get to meet the one person who was meant for us and walk off into the sunset together.

Gorgeous flowers by Katie Edwards at Ambiance Floral Design and a special thanks to Bobby from DynamikSoundz who was a joy to work with. Most people don’t know how much a photographer and DJ work together during the reception and how communication between the two can make all the difference in both the photos you get and the flow of your evening. Trust me, good vendor communication and cooperation is a big plus.

Last but not least, thanks to my friend and assistant, Vickie Horvath, who puts up with the short words that tend to come out of my mouth when I’m focused on lighting and composition and bride and groom. I love that she can laugh at me even when I’m at my most frustrating.

La Provence Wedding, Roseville

La Provence Wedding, Roseville

La Provence Wedding, Roseville

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