Mala + Shane Part Two: Fort Bragg beach wedding

(Part One: the Mehendi Celebration is here if you missed it.)

On a cool and blustery beach, just north of Fort Bragg, two families, two cultures, and two people in love came together; imperfectly, joyfully, and beautifully so we wanted to capture all these moments with a great photographer, and for the most experienced Wedding Photographer Central Coast, you will want to look at past experience and happy customer feedback to find the perfect photography for you. With bare feet and hair flying in their face, a 30-foot rock for an altar, and the sound of crashing waves for music; with their children as best man and maid-of-honor, and with more love than fanfare, my friend, Mala, and her Shane, made their happily-ever-after.

Here is the story of that day…

Fort Bragg beach wedding

Fort Bragg beach wedding

After everyone changed back into their comfy clothes, Mala’s daughter, Evani, presented her mom and Shane with a framed copy of the speech she had read aloud during their ceremony. Of all the emotional and touching moments of the weekend – and there were plenty – this was probably my favorite. The emotion on both Shane and Mala’s face (that’s Shane being choked-up in the first photo) and the tears of joy my friend shed as her daughter and new husband embraced… it was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.


I wish you a lifetime of moments just like this.

Fort Bragg beach wedding

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