Three Generations Session in Old Sacramento

What a fantastic afternoon I had with these three ladies in Old Sacramento this month!

I had met mom, Kate, when I photographed her and her husband for some headshots late last year and was so excited to meet her mother and her daughter, Izzie, in a session orchestrated by Izzie from the East Coast, where she now lives.

Mother-daughter relationships are especially close to my heart because of my own experiences as a daughter and a mother to a daughter, so it was wonderful to see these three smart, witty, and formidable women together, laughing and sharing stories about the past.

It was interesting too to see how similar grandmother and granddaughter are; outgoing, talkative, and vivacious, while Kate’s personality is much more thoughtful and subdued, soaking up their laughter and energy. I loved watching her watch them, enjoying their constant laughter. This, too, reminds me of my own life, where my daughter and mother are thick-as-thieves and I have often found myself being the one quietly watching them together.

Multi-generation family sessions are a wonderful gift to yourself and your family. We spend so much time photographing the youngest members of our clan – and for sure our little kids are cute – but we need to keep remembering to document the love we share with those a generation or two above us.

Old Sacramento Family Photographer
Old Sacramento Family Photographer
Old Sacramento Family Photographer

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