The Paciotti Family – Folsom Fall Family photography

I met the Paciotti family at my daughter’s swim school several years ago. Their son, Austin, and my girl were in the same swim class and, between them, spending more time giggling and spacing-out than actually swimming. Meanwhile, we parents connected, and a friendship was born. I learned that the Paciotti’s love foreign travel just about as much as I do, and that mom, Dawn, is one brave, badass momma, having gone through multiple procedures for throat cancer.

This was the first time I have photographed them and we had plans to go downtown to explore some murals. But the weather forecast was looking wet and wild for our original date and so we brought things forward a week and decided to explore some local trails instead. (Of course, our original date ended up having perfect weather. Go figure.) But the sun shone, the sky was blue, the light was beautiful, and we had a ton of fun, capped-off by dinner together in old Folsom.

Folsom Fall Family photography

Folsom Fall Family photography

Folsom Fall Family photography

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