The Pattersons – Orangevale Family Photographer

I know the Pattersons through my daughter’s school. They’re one of those families that just have their priorities straight. They welcome curiosity, playfulness, creativity, and adventure into their lives, while holding fast to their integrity and also letting slide some of the things that get the rest of us hung up and twisted around our own axles. I know they would disagree with my assessment because they are also, fundamentally, humble, but I stand by it.

Mom, August, and I met for the first time at Bounce U during one of the million birthday parties of school friends that we attended between Kindergarten and second grade. (Thank God those are over!) I loved her immediately. Funny, sarcastic, blunt, strong, powerful, compassionate, and genuine, she also happens to be my mothering hero. Four wonderful kids who are all the right mixtures of wilful, polite, caring, and fearless, and somehow she still manages to direct school plays, launch book clubs, teach as a sub, and volunteer all over the place. I couldn’t keep up with her, no way. I am inspired and uplifted whenever I hang out with her. 

Photographing this family is a joy. They show up, they participate, they throw themselves in whole-heartedly, and then, when let loose, they play without prompt. They make my job so easy. Add in some beautiful Fall light at Orangevale Community Park (one of my favorite places for a family session) and you get pure gold….

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