A Playful Lifestyle session is all the goodness of pretty light and lovely locations but coupled with rip-roaring fun that makes your family photo session anything but a chore – yes even for dad and the kids! A little more directed than my Documentary sessions, we find a location where there is room to play and have fun – your backyard or the park are perfect – and I become the fun-master, providing your family with games and activities to participate in together. Put down the phone, let go of whatever was stressing you out that morning and allow me to create a safe space for you and your family to play together for a couple of hours.

For more information on how my sessions roll and if they might be right for you, go to: SESSION TYPES and FAQs

Favorite Playful Lifestyle Sessions

Exploring the Fair Oaks walking bridge and American river with the Woodard Family

A daddy/daughter park playdate and family mud fight

Cruising the Folsom Parkway with the Kachur clan at sunset