Sham of the Perfect 2018 – our year in photos

“The great thing about real life is that it belongs to you. You can make it up as you go along!” ― Victoria Ashton

Sham of the Perfect is a collaborative photography project made up of an international collection of photographers who are passionate about both family documentary photography and being parents.  The project’s name is inspired by the poem A Spring Issue, by Sarah Dunning Park. Our intent is to tear down the sham of perfection shown in more idyllic work and present life, parenthood, families, childhood, and home as it actually is; full of flaws and full of beauty simultaneously.

2019 will be my 5th year contributing to this project. Here are my photos from 2018, mapping our year in weekly images.

Sham of the Perfect 2018
Sham of the Perfect 2018

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