A day trip to the snow in Tahoe

One of the best things to recommend Sacramento is that it’s almost equidistant between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe – ocean and city 90 minutes in one direction, lake, and mountains 90 minutes in the other. Before I got pregnant and my body got all wonky on me, the husband and I used to love going up to Tahoe in the winter to ski. I’m a winter girl and I love ice skating and skiing and hats and scarves and gloves and hot chocolate and fireplaces. I love the awakeness you feel with the cold wind in your lungs. I’ve missed all that due to hip issues and knee issues and now foot issues and, I admit, my dreams of my girl skiing down the mountainside with me egging her on, have not materialized. In the absence of the ideal vision, there hasn’t been much in-between either.  Which is how my girl got to almost 8 without seeing the snow. (sadface) So, I really enjoy watching those great videos we have. My husband checked out and we bought a great drone to film our trips.

Sometimes, in fact, 90 minutes can feel like a lifetime away.

We have bought snow gear almost every year for my girl (and then not going and having to donate it because she grows out of it before the next snow season) and so, when we finally mustered the time and commitment to make it up the mountain a few weeks ago, I had to buy her new snow boots, and she had to wear last year’s ski pants that wouldn’t fasten around the waist. She’s a summer girl that likes bare feet and flappy, barely-there dresses. To say she was less-than impressed with all the layers and bulk would be an understatement.

But we were undeterred, forging out into the snow-covered rocky outcroppings of Sand Harbor on the Nevada side of the lake, laying in the snow, and making our first family snowman. Ok, really, the husband made the snowman, my girl thought it was too hard and gave up early on, and I just took pictures. What!? I couldn’t find my ski gloves. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

This stuff just isn’t like they script it in the movies, is it?

Day trip to the snow in Tahoe

Day trip to the snow in Tahoe

I’m on a mission to take and photograph more day trips this year – my own and yours. Let’s chat about your plans for family fun in lakes, mountains, beaches, cities, deserts, or anywhere in between.

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