The Lucias – Old Town Folsom Family Session

I have photographed this family every year, without fail, since I started Memories by Michelle 8 years ago. Every year they make my job easy.

Our story (that I tell every year but never get tired of) is that we met in pre-natal class when we were pregnant with our daughters, became friends, and then ended up in the hospital with one another, 2 doors down, as our girls were born just 36 hours apart. Later, my mum was their son, Lucca’s, nanny when Natalie first went back to work. It’s fair to say these people are like family to me. And they’re just pure entertainment. Every last second.

Folsom Family Session

Folsom Family Session

Every year I try to capture the Lucia family’s playful spirit with a fun image. This is my favorite this year.

Folsom Family Session

Reminds me a lot of the one from 2015

Finally, I couldn’t resist a picture of the kids together. We ended our session with dinner and it was great to see these kids pick up where they left off with their friendship. Busy work schedules and life in general mean we don’t get to see one another as often as we used to.

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