Waiting for baby Reid – a lifestyle maternity Session

Almost three years ago, I photographed Alicia and Josh’s foothills wedding. Late last year, Alicia emailed me to let me know that she was pregnant and expecting a son in April. And not just on any day in April but on the same day that my own daughter had been due on: April 10th! I was so excited to see them again to celebrate this next chapter in their lives and am so looking forward to photographing their son, Reid, after he is born and again as he grows, since Alicia purchased my First Moment’s Package. {pause for Michelle to do little happy dance}

Our session took place at Alicia and Josh’s newly-redecorated Rancho Cordova home – which is gorrrrgeous – and in the fields nearby. They both wrote a letter to their new son, Reid, sharing their hopes and dreams for him once he arrives. They kept their words secret from one another until the day of our session and then read their letters out loud for the first time, sitting on their bed. The cutest thing about each of the letters was that they were so similar, talking about how excited and thankful they were that the other person was going to be baby’s mom or dad. The only ones thoroughly unimpressed were their dogs, who I suspect already feel the winds of change coming.

T-2 months and counting…

lifestyle maternity session sacramento

lifestyle maternity session sacramento

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