Zhengzhi and Yifan’s Winter Wedding, Sacramento Chinese Bible Grace Church

January weddings are always going to be fraught with weather concerns. For Zhengzhi and Yifan, however, the previously warm Januarys of the past few years here in Sacramento, were exchanged for a very wet-and-wild lead-up to their big day, complete with Weather Advisories for flash flooding and gale force winds. The day of their wedding, it said, was going to be the beginning of the worst storm we’d had in years. And I’ve seen some pretty crazy storms here in Sacramento so I didn’t take the warning lightly. Zhengzhi and Yifan, however, were calm and resigned to whatever weather they received, simply excited to get married in their church, with their closest friends and family watching.

In the end, it did rain, but on-and-off and not really very heavily at all until later in the evening. We managed to get outside a little with both of them, and without ruining their clothes. Zhengzi happily trotted out in a light drizzle with an umbrella and her bridesmaids holding her train. I was so proud of her. It rained on my wedding day and I refused to go outside; something I’ve always regretted.

This couple are so sweet, I found myself internally saying “awwww” throughout the day. The way Zhengzi looked at Yifan, her tears as they said their vows, the proud way he stood straight and crooked his arm so perfectly for her to hold, and the devotion with which they sang hymns in Chinese and English to end their ceremony… so many awesome moments.

Thank you to my good friend, Joy, for connecting me with this lovely couple. Congratulations and a lifetime of happiness to Zhengzi and Yifan!

Venue: Chinese Grace Bible Church | Second Shooter: Samantha Shapiro | Assistant: Vickie Horvath

Winter Wedding, Sacramento

Winter Wedding, Sacramento

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