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I create photo documentaries of families spending time together, letting go of the unrealistic Pinterest-perfect version of life and being in the moment together; spontaneous, playful and honest. I remember rainy afternoons spent with my mum in the kitchen, baking cakes and not caring about the clouds of flour that wafted around us. And sunny summer Sundays washing the car with my dad and turning the hose on him to initiate a family water fight.These are the honest moments where we all look most beautiful, engaged with the people we love, living in the moment and forgetting the rest. These are the moments I love to photograph.

Recent Work

Claire + Josh – riverside wedding Sacramento

“Josh and I decided to throw together a wedding in a little less than two weeks. Kind of nuts, but kind of awesome. 15ish people, ceremony down by the river in Carmichael area, then dinner somewhere TBD. It’s going to be a beautiful hot mess, and...
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Mala + Shane Part Two: Fort Bragg beach wedding

(Part One: the Mehendi Celebration is here if you missed it.) On a cool and blustery beach, just north of Fort Bragg, two families, two cultures, and two people in love came together; imperfectly, joyfully, and beautifully. With bare feet and hair flying in...
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Mala + Shane Part One: Mehendi Celebration, El Dorado Hills

(See Part 2: The Wedding here) Some people in life you share the good times with. Some people you share the bad. Others you’re lucky enough to be there for both the sunshine and the rain, your relationship bonded by the shared laughter and strengthened by...
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Quarry Park family session with the Birdsells

Excited to welcome back another family I photographed last year, the Birdsells. When I met Ana and Brandon last year, Ana was pregnant with their second child, Maren. Well, Maren is here and 5 months old and I got to meet her little, chubby thighs recently in...
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Johnson Springview Park family session to celebrate Wyatt’s 4th

Last year I got to meet the adorable Wyatt at home (see the session here) and this year, to celebrate his 4th birthday, mom, dad, and I decided to go play in their favorite local park instead. I thought I had seen almost every park in the Sacramento region through...
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My  Story
The big, plastic bowl is between my legs jiggling back and forth as I stir the batter vigorously with my inexperienced little hands. I’m so small that my feet barely dangle over the edge of the countertop that I’m perched precariously on top of. It’s raining but inside it’s warm and cozy, the air rich with the smell of butter, sugar and my mum’s cup of instant coffee which she’s sipping as she stands next to me. Her gentle voice offers me encouragement to keep stirring and, every now and then, she puts her hands over mine to give the movement a little more oomph.

There’s cake mix on my bare thighs, flour on her shirt and we both occasionally dip our finger into the bowl for a taste test. We giggle like school girls because it always feels just a little naughty.

I remember her wavy blond hair, her pink cheeks, her easy smile, that loving look on her face whenever we exchanged a glance that said “isn’t this FUN!?” and most of all, I remember her hands. I used to love looking at them, hoping one day that the chubbiness of my own fingers would transform to be as long and lovely as hers. (They never did.)

She is so beautiful in a way that transcends any physical description I could write of her. It would miss her comforting smell, the sound of her laughter and the feel of her stolen kisses on my cheek. But that memory of us baking

cakes in our tiny little kitchen in England drops me right back into that moment and I can feel it all again as if it were yesterday. I only wish I had a photograph of moments like that.

My mother was too lost in the joy of working with me to care about whether raw egg was going to make us sick, or if my little hands were completely clean, or even about the flour which also made its way to the floor. How the cake turned out wasn’t the point and, as for the mess, she’d just clean it up later.

These are some of the strongest memories from my childhood. The ordinary tasks I shared with my mother, everyday things that she turned into an opportunity for us to play and connect. My mother taught me that mess you make in the process of having fun is simply the evidence of a life lived joyfully. A life in which you give yourself permission to let the unrealistic, Pinterest version of life go, in favor of putting the most important things in life first: the people you love and the ever-so precious time you have to spend with them.


Like my mum I’ll put snuggles on the couch over clean dishes any day and ignore the pile of laundry to join in with my daughter dancing to One Direction in the living room. I believe in putting fun first, spontaneously grabbing the hose and dousing dad in the back yard when he’s not paying attention, and worrying about the aftermath later.

Let’s get lost in these bright flashes of life together and then I’ll photograph that.

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